All about Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper

So what is SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper and why it is better than any other wall coating?

Building technology had reached its climax, offering consumers a wide range of decorative materials and finishes, wall paper and paints, one might as well get lost. Everyone tries to choose for himself what is not only pleasing to the eye by appearance, but also have many other advantages. These wall coatings, of course, include liquid silk wallpapers - feedbacks from satisfied customers are the best proof of their unmatched quality.

SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper is a wall and ceiling coating, which consists of only natural products: silk and cellulose fibers, decorative mineral additives and adhesive. Thanks to these components, SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering is environmentally friendly, which is extremely important these days. In dry mixture SILK PLASTER takes the form of flakes of various sizes and colors which after the application to the surface make the effect of a monolithic decorative wall coating. The absence of joints eliminates the need to match the image, which is the problem of ordinary wallpapers. This is one of the reasons due to which the SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper got such great reviews.

You can use SILK PLASTER liquid wall coating, not only for homes but for offices – SILK PLASTER will always look great. We have more than 100 colors of SILK PLASTER liquid wall coverings which allow combining them with any interior. Gold or silver glitters in the form of small dots or thin filaments will add the solemnity and luxurious looking to any apartment.

Considering all aforesaid, it is not surprising that at different sites or forums SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering receive enthusiastic reviews. SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper popularity is growing every day. In addition to aforesaid the liquid wallpaper price is acceptable.

Components of SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper:

As raw ingredients we use only naturally extracted products such as SILK and CELLULOSE, decorative mineral additives and adhesive that is why SILK PLASTER IS A GREEN PRODUCT!

All used components are natural and that is why SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering is environmentally safe for residential and commercial structures. Health Institute has approved SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering as health care product and recommended its use. SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering has been also granted with CE mark, confirming that SILK PLASTER is produced according to European standards of qualtity.

Scope of SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper:

Judging by the numerous photos, SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper provides unlimited opportunities for any change in the interior. SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper can be used to implement any design ideas on the walls and ceiling, experimenting with different textures and colors. Amazing beauty pictures and applications - all this is possible to create, having at hand such a miracle as liquid wall covering SILK PLASTER. Video lessons will help any beginner in this.

The advantages of SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper:

Why should SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering be used for walls and ceilings? As a rule, our walls and ceilings are far from ideal. One of the advantages of SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering is also the ability to fill gaps in areas adjoining frames, casings, baseboards, electrical outlets and switches.

Numerous reviews of SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper point to other advantages of SILK PLASTER. Because of its color fastness SILK PLASTER decorative liquid wall coating does not fade under ultraviolet light. SILK PLASTER liquid wall coating doesn`t not afraid of temperature fluctuations, does not absorb odors. The elasticity of SILK PLASTER allows the use our silk liquid decorative plaster in new homes because it does not shrink. SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper meets the current standards of fire safety without separating the combustion of toxic gases. Microporous surface texture, soft to the touch, makes additional heat and sound insulation, improve acoustics. Because of antistatic additives SILK PLASTER wall coating does not attract dust.

Another definite plus of SILK PLASTER liquid wall material, prompting to choose SILK PLASTER for the walls is the possibility of partial restoration. When damaged, simply wet the affected area with warm water and remove part of the liquid wall coating. In this place put "patch" left after repair. In any case, the surface will look like new without any flaws or joints. Therefore, SILK PLASTER liquid wallpaper can be safely used in children's rooms, without fear of Arts of young talents.